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Niches: Yes! You Can Have More Than ONE!!

You MUST have a niche!You must have only ONE niche!To be successful, you must describe the one IDEAL person to whom to market your niche product or idea!These are the sorts of messages I see so frequently – online and in emails. I have tried to follow these “rules” and describe me and my interests to [alleged] […]

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Are You Part of My Tribe?

What’s my tribe? That’s a good question. I’m not sure anymore who or what is part of my tribe or cohort group or whatever because I belong to sell many. I have so many different types of friends, acquaintances, and people I just come in contact with. I’ve always had different groups that I “hang […]

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Finding That Perfect Brain Time

Hmmmm Is there a perfect brain time?As part of the ongoing blog challenge, and honestly part of my almost every day personal/business challenge, is making a specific time to work only on a specific goal – usually part of a long-range goal. I do that during the day but I don’t have a specific time, […]

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One Is Never Too Old To X, Y, or Z

Had a birthday back in January. “Some might say” that I am old or too old to be doing what I do. If you know me you know that I am now closer to 80 than I am to 70. And as is usual for many, after a birthday and a beginning of a year, […]

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30 Days Of Video

Today is the 30th day of June and I promised myself that I would create a video a day through June. So today I did my 30th video and here are some things I learned…. I learned that I can work through heat waves. [Which is good because it seems they’re never ending this summer.] […]

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When Is Done Done?

Has technology made it harder for us to know when something is really done? ​Personally, I think it has. In the old days with the typewriter it was done when I took the paper out of the typewriter because I hated typing so much that the words on the page were considered done.I learned to […]

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