I am not 
Da Vinci;
nor do I presume

to be like him


But I do use Da Vinci
as an example 
of a "many niched" person.

Da Vinci did many many things, and did them well. In today's "one niche only" kind of thinking, I can only imagine [I have a good imagination] what some modern-day "gooroos" would tell him. Something like: you can never be successful, you have too many interests. You need to pick one thing and stick with that. Or, if he were in school, we'd maybe hear: You need to focus better. I bet you have ADHD and need to be on meds. I wrote a post about this niche "thing."

And so on this site, I tell you about my many niches and let you know you can have many niches as well. 

Below are some of mine.

I create [or will be creating] ebooks, paperbacks, journals and more.

Healthy aging is my "thing." And best is that you can start NOW - no matter how old you are!

I started my own online school where I teach mostly Psychology.

When I use and love a product, I sign up as an affiliate. If you buy it, I earn some money but it costs you nothing extra!

I love images and words - so I am creating mugs, posters, t-shirts and more.

I am always game for trying a new income stream.

Do you want to learn how to create your own hubs? Spokes? Learn some Psychology? Learn about healthiness? See below!

If you are also a many niched person you are not alone!

We are creatives. We are too often called ADHD, scattered, unfocused, and more. But like DaVinci, we can do a lot of different things and we are good at those things.

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