When Is Done Done?

Lynn Dorman, Ph.D. // June 27 // 0 Comments

Has technology made it harder for us to know when something is really done?

Personally, I think it has. In the old days with the typewriter it was done when I took the paper out of the typewriter because I hated typing so much that the words on the page were considered done.

I learned to be inefficient writer.

The same with videos and older cameras. Things were done when I took the tape or the film out of the camera. There were very few easy ways to edit and play with the product. I knew how to do things in a dark room and with older film editing equipment but it was so time consuming, it was easier to have the product done when it came out of the equipment.

Now I can take digital pictures, digital videos, and type into a computer and then I can use apps to edit the photos and videos, and move words, paragraphs, and chapters around.

Fiddling with the product makes it almost never done. I can look at it and say will maybe I want something to be a different color, or maybe I want to use a different word or maybe maybe maybe......

So yes. I think technology has made it harder to say when done is done.

And your take? Please comment below....thank you

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