Niches: Yes! You Can Have More Than ONE!!

Lynn Dorman, Ph.D. // July 31 // 0 Comments
niche pressure

You MUST have a niche!

You must have only ONE niche!
To be successful, you must describe the one IDEAL person
to whom to market your niche product or idea!

These are the sorts of messages I see so frequently - online and in emails. I have tried to follow these "rules" and describe me and my interests to [alleged] marketing gurus and am too often told, "that's too broad," or even asked "are you ADD?"  


I tried so hard to discover MY niche. I worked at the suggested steps - and I always "failed." 


My brain goes in many directions, often in rapid succession - or maybe  all at once.

Was I a failure? NO! What I was up against was an understanding that my brain is not like everyone else's and maybe yours is not either. There are people like us who have different kinds of brains and we are called nonlinears, scanners, polymaths, and Renaissance thinkers.  We make up a very small percentage of the population so it's not surprising that people do not understand us. We understand us and we understand those marketers who want us to have one niche. 

What I've come to understand for myself is that I have many niches - based on my many interests, many so-called passions, and my many levels and areas of expertise. 

And I can work on one at a time so when I'm asked these days about my niche I can turn it into "yesterday I was in X niche, today I am in Y niche, and tomorrow I may be in the Z niche" and next week I may be in any of the rest of the alphabet. It depends on me.

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