You Once Saw Every Day As An Adventure

life is an adventure

You can recapture that adventurous feeling!

.Remember those choose-an-adventure books you loved as a kid? 

You can do those adventures in your real life - right now!!

no matter where you are now in your life.... you can chose a new path!
Or alter the one you are currently on!
No worries about any decision being "wrong" - as all paths meet or connect with each other!!

Just like this mobius strip 

mobious strip

BUT you have have to start with at least one!
And here are 4 paths that you can choose from!

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I had a heart attack, had to quit my teaching job, and quickly find another source of income to replace my salary. I reached out to Lynn, as we are friends, and we started working together [and ultimately formed our own accountability partnership.]  She has been, and continues to be, very instrumental in helping me find my new path.

Maria S. Baker entrepreneur at Classroom to Nomad