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Lynn Dorman, Ph.D. // June 30 // 0 Comments
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Today is the 30th day of June and I promised myself that I would create a video a day through June. So today I did my 30th video and here are some things I learned….

I learned that I can work through heat waves. [Which is good because it seems they’re never ending this summer.]

I learned that I can have myself be a talking head by using ScreenFlow.

I learned a lot more about ScreenFlow so that I am now comfortable using it Learning more about it. Because once I have learned more about this version, I will treat myself to the newest update which is not free. That assumes by the time I learn the ins and outs of ScreenFlow I will have made all that extra money. It’s not that expensive - but I have other things I need to buy first

I learned a lot more about Keynote, which is the basis for many of my videos.

I learned to work through procrastination. Mixed with the heat waves this was not a good combination and I found myself finishing up my habit building tasks at 11 o’clock at night sometimes but I did them and that is what counts.

Comments? Thoughts? Thank you!!

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