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Sometimes You Feel Like A Beginner; And That Is Good

Sometimes you feel like a beginner. You know why? Because you are!​And feeling like a beginner is really not a bad thing in fact it can be a very good thing. Sometimes we need to go back and understand what it feels like to be brand new at something. Especially something that other people do […]

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Today I Say: I Will Learn Screenflow

on air OK – did it. I said I would try to start using Screenflow and I did. It has been on my computer for over a year and I have fiddled with it. I even have a few friends who gave me their video courses on how to use Screenflow. But for some reason it does […]

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When It Is Hot, Hot, Hot

Today I feel like I need a brain implant. I am still a bit tired but in infinitely better shape than I have been for the past few days which is good because it’s getting hot again. Today’s video is yet another dog walk because it’s the easiest thing for me to do and since […]

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Sharing My View

Today’s video is difficult to hear so just enjoy the views. I was outside and giving you the view plus the ambient noise we have in the summer…when we have windows open. You hear the wind, a power washer, traffic [road and air] etc……This morning as the cacophony of sounds was coming into my house, […]

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On Day 11 I Ask: Don’t You Wish You Had The Energy Your Puppy Has?

Okay let me make an admission I really did not not not feel like doing anything today. I thought yesterday would be my recovery day but it spilled into today and I just am flagging in energy and brain power.   But since my dog needs a daily walk and loves to play with her […]

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I Can Do It! I Can. I Can!

On day 10, it cooled off, I got a good nights sleep, and I realized I really can push through a heat wave. And, if I can push through a heat wave while feeling pretty yucky – I am sure I will meet my 90 day challenge. And who knows? It may become such a part […]

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