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Lynn Dorman, Ph.D. // September 11 // 0 Comments

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 2 which is essentially discovering my why for leading a freedom lifestyle.

I tend to not like the term freedom lifestyle. Maybe it's because I am a US citizen and freedom gets thrown around so much in politics that it has lost any meaning for me. I know what freedom is for me - but to listen to the news you would think everybody's “freedom” is being taken away from them. [Anyway I'm not going into politics right now as that's another post - or book.]

Why I want to live what I think is meant by a freedom lifestyle is because I will have more time to help people if I'm not so concerned about daily things that seem to need being taken care of.

In my mind, a freedom lifestyle is one where I can stop looking at price tags. That means if something needs to be taken care of I can call someone and get it taken care of. Or I can do it myself without wondering what else needs to be done that has a higher priority. Also I'm getting a lot older and I haven't got that many years left to again reach this lifestyle. I've had the lifestyle in the past and lost it and I want it back again - so that's a good reason. By doing my why, I will also have an impact because I will be able to do what I've always been doing which is helping people be healthy and psychologically well developed.

This why has basically been the same for decades.
I stray away from it but I get back to it!
I ignore it but it gets back to me.

I want everyone to live the most healthy, optimally developed life that they can. I'm a developmental psychologist with a major interest in nutrition and I have been on this path since the 1960's. I've talked about, and written about, things that help babies and children develop -and over the years I've gotten very much more interested in writing about and studying healthy aging.

This seems to be my basic why because it's the thing I keep coming back to. Aging is part of the human developmental cycle and as I've gotten older I'm more interested in the older end of it [but I do pay attention to what is going on at the beginning end of it or the beginning start of it.]  

My positive impact will be to have people recognize that they can start today to be healthy. It doesn't have to have started back before you were born it can start today.

No matter how old you are you can always get better at your health and your psychological development.

Thoughts? Comments? Thank you!

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