New Sneakers and Dandelion Wine

Lynn Dorman, Ph.D. // September 22 // 0 Comments
new sneakers

My new sneakers finally arrived in the mail. They took too long to get here by my count but I had been unable to buy them locally because I prefer to wear a small men’s size as it fits my foot infinitely better than any women’s cut, and I can never find them in a store.

Anyway I AM able to buy them online and I tend to wait for sales - so I ordered a pair and excitedly awaited their arrival. 

I have learned that I have an Asics foot for running shoes. I tried another brand and they were fine for about three or four weeks and then started to not feel comfortable.This doesn’t surprise me because many ski shops take one look and tell me I have a Lange foot for ski boats [as does my son.] So my feet are brand-cast......

Part of my excitement is that new sneakers remind me of the feelings I used to have when I was a kid and I got new sneakers. I think I usually got Keds or Converse and the feeling when putting on the new sneakers was one of exhilaration. I remember feeling like as soon as they were on and laced. I could run with the wind, I could bike all over the place, I was superwoman.

At some point in my later teen years I read Ray Bradbury’s Dandelion Wine and it has stuck with me forever because that man so described how a kid feels when they get their new sneakers.

But it isn’t just kids I have that same superhero feeling today.

And as an adult I started making dandelion wine! It’s yummy!!

Here’s to new sneakers and all those wonderful feelings!!

And here's to dandelion wine - the drink and the book


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