Life Lessons From My Dog

Lynn Dorman, Ph.D. // August 3 // 0 Comments
Puppy Energy

What I learn every day from Tova is to treat each experience as an exciting new adventure - even if it's something you do every day or several times a day.

When it's time to go “play tennis,” her favorite activity, she just gets so excited. As you can see in the video she does circles up the ramp and as you can hear in the video she barks and I cannot get her to not bark when she goes to play tennis.

Each time we get ready to go out, she is just so excited to put on her harness and go up the ramp to then walk to the field and chase a tennis ball.

I’m sure you can understand why we don’t do this early in the morning [I like my neighbors.]

Also - why she stopped at the top and turned around and looked at me was because I was walking much more slowly than usual as I had the camera on her…

You and I might find the repetition boring but she see each repeat as something to get excited about.

And there's a lesson in this….

everyday events ARE exciting if we treat them as exciting

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