My Vision For Me – and Maybe You?

Lynn Dorman, Ph.D. // September 12 // 0 Comments
Mt. Hood

I am already living in a place that I had a vision about many years ago. That's why I moved here. I love living near water and now I live ON the water. I actually float in a house on a large river so I have water on all sides. But my vision that got me here also had an important caveat and that was a promise to myself that I would live in the area of a fairly large city for the rest of my life. Having tried living in the country a couple of times in my life I have found that I am a genetic city person and thus I will stay in a city. Luckily for both versions the water and the house or totally within the boundary of a pretty large city. So I can have the quietness of a river. I can sit and look at the water or go kayaking, but if I want, I can hop on a train, bus, or car and be downtown in a very short time. I have found my perfect place to live.

So for this challenge, I have a different sort of vision because I no longer need to find the perfect place to live. What I need to do now is make the place into ideas that I have for it. And me.

When I get up in the morning the first thing I envision doing - and do - is let the dog and cat out. There's no getting around that. Doesn't matter if it's what I want to do or not it's with the cat and dog want to do. Then I make coffee and while the water is boiling I have a glass of warm water with lemon in it. I have the coffee and I also do a lot of intensive stretching because I've discovered that all the exercise I do tightens calf and foot muscles and as I've gotten older I need to do more stretching to keep flexible. I do about 20 minutes of yoga and then have breakfast. Sometimes a simple smoothie, sometimes a more complicated meal.

 Morning is the above because that won't change but I envision my house being very different. I see the space having all the the internal walls removed and having it be one light filled open space with a butcher block counter. By the way, my house is very small. I downsized when I moved out west. And a way to have more space is to remove the few internal walls that now exist and have that island that I can eat at and use for parties, etc. Then I can get rid of the table that now serves as both desk and eating space. 

 Also in my vision is a brand new Subaru Impreza. I'm old enough now that the car will last me the rest of either my life or my driving life.

my next car

Another part of my vision includes new skis, boots, and poles and my vision often includes a cabin up in the mountains so that I don't have to get up so early to go skiing.

How will I reach this vision?  I intend to become the go-to expert on healthy aging. And that's where you, the readers come in, please let me know what questions you might have about your aging. I've written about aging before and I will continue doing so - but I'm envisioning doing the research that I have put off and procrastinated about and when it is done hopefully we will all know how to live healthier, longer, more prosperous, and happier lives - filled with the visions that we want for ourselves. I will be continuing on this line of thought for a while and you will hear about it.

Comments? Thoughts? Thank you!!

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