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Admiration Over A Lifetime

Who do you admire? Who do I admire? It’s not as easy to answer as it is to ask.There are people I have admired over my lifetime each for a very different thing. Many of them I have forgotten about unless I actively sit and recall who they were and why I admired them at the […]

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What’s Your Niche?

My Niche of NichesWhen asked the question “what is your niche” I am reminded of the question “what do you do?” – it’s the same kind of question and it usually implies there is one and only one answer and one you are expected to  be able to give in a few seconds –  i.e. […]

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Restarting [fill in this space]

image by Gerd Altmann from PixabayI have often said I go into hibernation from about Thanksgiving until my birthday, which is near the end of January. In retrospect, I think my hibernation started in early November with the election. It was high stress, getting dark out early, and light out late, plus all the political events that were […]

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A Word, A Concept, A Plan!

I need a word to help me plan my business. Trifecta did it for me!

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Mothers Day: Time To Bring Back The Original

Modern Mother’s Day is one of our older holidays turned into: “buy something” days. It once was a day to honor women, mothers, and originated as an anti-war poem by Julia Ward Howe.How far we have come from the original sentiment. But in this current world climate and what can only be seen as war mongering, it […]

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Happy? Happier? Happiest?

I have been focusing on creating a course about being happy, being happier, or happiest. ​​​​Before this I was focused on life as an adventure – which I still think it is – and there are many paths one can take on that adventure. I focused on four of them – and one of those paths […]

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