Restarting [fill in this space]

Lynn Dorman, Ph.D. // February 1 // 0 Comments

I have often said I go into hibernation from about Thanksgiving 

until my birthday, which is near the end of January.

In retrospect, I think my hibernation started in early November with the election. It was high stress, getting dark out early, and light out late, plus all the political events that were like watching the train wreck that I could not take my eyes off.

Around inauguration day, I decided that there was no point in trying to do very much in January. I thought I'll just let the month go on and not try to focus on anything in the way of writing or teaching - or anything-ing until February. It just seemed to my brain that January had to run its course and go away. It did. On January 30 I made a sticky note for my desktop and it says:

      2021 RESTART = INGING

  • Yogaing
  • Walking
  • Biking
  • Writing
  • Teaching 
  • Podcasting
  • Webinaring

It's a lot of ing words. And not all of them are English as I made some up by adding ing - but you get the point

Ing words are movement oriented - they are about something in motion, something that is going to happen or is happening. That's where my mind went about February 1. January was ending and I could restart ...

As I said in the title fill in the blank - is it a restart of 2021? is it a restart of my professional life? or a restart of ??? 

I started my day with yogaing - which I used to do regularly but have not during my hibernation. It felt good to do that kind of stretching. Then I started doing some writing. I also went through my emails and unsubscribed from several that I have not been looking at as I've just been deleting as they arrive in my inbox. That felt good too and it is an ing that was not on my list.

Soon it will be February 2, 3, 4, etc. -  and I will continue this restart as it feels like my brain can get wrapped around it and enjoy it. I'm thinking that once I start getting into more of these ings, I will be adding to the list and doing more and more restarting.

Comments? Thoughts?

Thank you!

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