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What’s Your Niche?

My Niche of Niches

When asked the question "what is your niche" I am reminded of the question "what do you do?" - it's the same kind of question and it usually implies there is one and only one answer and one you are expected to  be able to give in a few seconds -  i.e. the elevator pitch

My reply instead may be: Let me think about that

Depending on what day it is my niche may be different than it was the day before or the year before.

I am a person with a lot of interests and a lot of areas of expertise. I've been like that most of my life and I assume I'll be like that the rest of my days. It's me and I won't change it.

Or my reply may be: Let me think what time it is 

I may chop up my day or days into segments. Each segment may be a different niche or it may be a different aspect of a niche.

I tend to go with my mental flow. I do have some control over it. I know I can stick with some thing I am not ADHD although there's nothing wrong with that. I do have a few major degrees that took a lot of perseverance so I know I can do it - I just choose not to not be doing that all the time.

Or I may say hmm let me think about that.

I do have the ability to plan ahead and decide what niche I wish to be working on and when and that is what I'm doing right now.

For the next month or so I am working on finishing two books, doing a webinar, maybe starting a podcast, and taking time to go snowshoeing.

You still might be wondering what is my niche? I ask myself the same thing all the time 

and I have decided that my niche is a niche of niches.

Comments? Questions? Thoughts?

Thank you.

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