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A Word, A Concept, A Plan!

many ideas

How do you plan for your business projects?

It's hard for those, like me, with many interests, many skills, and many ideas!

 My accountability partner and I felt like we had gotten into a bit of stagnation - we were not getting things done and we were jumping from idea to idea - so we decided to shake things up a bit. She, like me, is filled with ideas! Then - voila - this idea popped up!

We each need a big project, one that takes time, and creates the bigger income. BUT that gets tedious to work on as an only project - at least for me and for her. So we figured we each also needed a project that was FUN - and was easily done - while also working on the big project. And for any project, we need to market it - and we both dislike that part... but it is necessary!

Hence, the trifecta! My work needs all 3 parts, as does hers [we are very alike - which has it's good and not so good points. But that's why we are friends, neighbors, and now - accountability partners!] And we have fun at our weekly accountability meetings because many years ago when we were both active with a local non-profit, we decided that whatever we did had to be fun! We had fun and we still do!

During my work time, I start with the big project and when I run into issues and/or just don't feel like I'm getting anywhere, I go to a fun project - and for me that may be playing with graphics and images for a fun project, marketing, more ideas for my big project, outline yet another big project but not do much work on it, etc. And marketing? I am finding ways to make it fun!!

So my word is TRIFECTA - it is a concept as well - and it encompasses what has become my work plan!! 

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