Thinking About The Number 4

Lynn Dorman, Ph.D. // February 4 // 8 Comments

Today is the fourth day of a month. It is also the fourth day in a row that I am writing blog posts
because I am getting back on track with writing every day. 

Number four, I thought, had no real meaning to me. It's not one of my favorite numbers. I like 3, 5, and 7 [and a few others] so I started thinking about four. What I actually did was go to one of my sites [PresenterMedia] where I can get images. I looked for a bouncy 4 and it was blue so I changed the color to green and voila! I got my idea! 4 seasons!!

So here we go - 4 seasons!

MY four: seasons


I love winter. I love winter so much I spent a lot of my adult life living in New England. But then I got tired of all that white stuff under my feet, shoveling it, and all of that so I left. Now I live where I can drive to snow but I don't get it in my city as much.


I also love spring. I love the flowers growing and the bees are rising but I could get started on my soap box about bees because we don't have enough of them anymore and they're dying off. When the bees go the food supply goes but that's for another blog post.


Summer is not always my favorite season. It really depends on where I live. I do not like hot and I especially do not like hot and humid. And I lived in Washington DC for almost 2 decades so I know hot and humid. I can adapt to it, but I prefer to avoid it.


I do like fall. I love the colorful maple leaves that fall. When I was a kid we collected them and coated them with paraffin so that we could have them forever. 

Thoughts? Comments? Random Newsletters?

Thank you!

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