I Was Challenged; And I Won [we all won]

Lynn Dorman, Ph.D. // September 19 // 0 Comments

Today is the last day of a ten-day blog challenge. I was challenged. It was easy for me to do the posts once I did the challenging part of thinking about what it was that I was going to focus on for the next part of my life. I think the others in the blog challenge also came up with good things which is why I said we all won.

Today's challenge was to say which of the 10 days was my favorite. I looked back through them they all made me do a lot of thinking but the one I like the best was about my superpowers. In fact, in talking with someone online at some point during the day she said that was brilliant I added that yes I am brilliant but I did not put that into my list of superpowers. So maybe I should add that now. I am smart. I am very smart. I could be called brilliant but I don't usually say that. That's part of an issue - ever since I was a kid I've known I was smart but we were also admonished to not tell everybody how smart we are. 

That was my favorite day and now my take away is that I am going to change the admonition I got as a kid and I am going to put it down here as self praise is great and you probably know what that is taking the place of but I am not going to say the words. I am learning to keep those negativities out of my mind.

I started this challenge knowing that there is another challenge about doing a project coming up soon so I had the idea to put it all together into finally getting to my aging project. Interestingly, I had asked my son and daughter-in-law what they saw as my good qualities and their answers were interesting. I'm not going to put them in here but they were very positive and much in line with what I want to do about the aging project [which has been on my computer for many years] and like many of the things on my computer they are slowly getting done. My next step[s] to reach my goals is that the next few months are going to be focused on the aging project. Yes - there are those other books I will finish as well because I promised my head that they would get done. But among  my superpowers are that I am smart. I write well. I write easily - and dammit I am going to get all of these things done done done.

Thoughts? Comments? Thank you!!

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