Are You A Competitive Parent? Part 3


little leagueIn this series, there has been a post about competing in education, and competing in toilet training and weaning.

This post is about competing in sports.

No – not as in the kids competing as they play –

it's about the parent's competing with each other as to whose kid is good, better, best.      


We have all read the tales of parents fighting with each other at Little League games, fighting with the umpires or screaming at the kids…their kids and the other kids.

Ditto asoccert soccer games. The kids are there to have fun and learn "sportsmanship" but the parents are teaching a far different lesson.

And cheerleading? I do recall news about a mother hiring a hit-man to kill her daughter's rival!


So why are the parents competing with each other? Why not let the kids have fun and enjoy the sport?

Are the parents that ego involved in their kid's sports because they see it as a ticket-to-wealth or a ticket-to-college?

Or is it to give a boost to what they consider their great parenting skills? And show that off to everyone else?

Next up: parties

Thoughts? Comments? Additionall areas of competition? Thank you for your input….

About the author 

Lynn Dorman, Ph.D.

  • I think there are a variety of reasons. Some parents are living vicariously through their kids, perhaps because they weren’t able to participate in sports as a child. Or because the parents think they are doing their kids a favor by instilling a competitive spirit in them. Some just because they are projecting their own love of the sport onto the child who in reality may have no interest in that sport or any sports.

    • Hi Julia and thanks.. there is competition and installing a love of sports in one’s kids and then there is the worst of parental competing – and that is NOT really about the kids in nay sense I can think of.

      I played competitive sports as did my son, and when I was an attorney I went for a “win” in each case, but I would never attack other people the way some of these people do…

      As in most “things human” moderation and thinking ahead tend to be the best course 🙂


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