You Can Totally Screw Up As A Mom And Still Raise Great Kids

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Can you mess up in your parenting

and still have great kids?

Of course you can! 

Parenting is not a science – but if you know about child development and read this book – you'll realize you can do it with less anxiety and a lot less guilt.

You are not alone in your worries or concerns.

We all worry.

But, if I, a Developmental Psychologist,with an expertise in early childhood,  messed up –why should any parent expect to be perfect?

Answer? They shouldn't!

In this book I don’t give you easy answers to hard problems – what I do is try and give you the tools to find those hard answers and solutions for yourself –

because in the end – YOU are your child's parent –

not me or anyone else.

And while the title is directed at mommies; all I have to say in the book is meant for daddies too [and maybe even grandparents and neighbors.] 

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