Food for thought

by Lynn Dorman, Ph.D. // January 22 // 0 Comments

Are there foods that help your brain? There are some studies which indicate eating fish [omega-3] is good for the unborn child as well as good for the mother. All diets I have read about say eat fish….but I have read other reports that say be careful – some fish are filled with mercury and who know what else. Our oceans have become our toxic dumps and the fish food chain is not as healthy as it once was.

One has to make decisions about food for one’s own family. Where you live, cost, overall budget, etc. are all factors that families weigh when making decisions about food. One factor that is important to know is that pre-packaged foods are more costly and if you read the ingredients – might be less healthy. For example macaroni and cheese, a family tradition for many, is much less expensive to make if you use cheese and pasta from your house and not from the cardboard box. Many foods can be prepared ahead and frozen… and now that we have microwaves, defrosting quickly for a hungry child [or adult :-)] is quicker than making the mix from a box.

Ditto bread. I once read a comment about the preservatives in bread which went something like this: I don’t know why there are so many preservatives in bread; did you ever see a newly baked loaf of bread hang around your family for 3 weeks? I like to bake bread but do it rarely. No good reason. But when I buy store bread I buy what is fresh baked on the premises and with no preservatives. I cut all loves in half and freeze them.. when defrosted, they taste as good as the half I started on when bought.

Maybe I’ll bake some bread today while I am watching football!

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