Rainy Day Fun

Lynn Dorman, Ph.D. // September 17 // 0 Comments
Tova and kayak

I don't really mind the rain. Well, to be honest, I don't mind a rainy day once in a while - or a day that has rain with lots of sun breaks. What I don't like or days where it rains all day every day - days on end. Although - given that I moved to the pacific northwest it's hard to avoid the rain.

Except for a few winters and springs since I have been here, the rain has not bothered me. Probably because I have a dog and dogs love to get walked no matter what the weather is. So I walk no matter what the weather is and I've done that my entire life. It doesn't matter where I have lived, or how old I was, dogs need to be walked.

I had already been thinking this week that I needed to do more fun type things like get my bike back out and ride it or push my kayak in the river and go for a kayak trip - and interestingly the blog challenge for today was to do something fun and post about it. It's almost as if my mind was being read. Except that it is not only raining fairly heavily at times, it's clouded over, it's dreary, and it's what most people would just call a lazy day.

And the photo shows my dog and my kayak on a sunnier day. Now the kayak is pulled up on the ramp so it does not fill with rain.

When the rain let up a little bit I took the dog for a nice leisurely walk. It will possibly be our only walk of the day so I gave her a chance to sniff every plant, every blade of grass, every pebble, every whatever not - so it took us a while to do our walk. She enjoyed it. 

Rest of my day has been pretty lazy. I decided since it was too wet to do the bike or the kayak I would just have a lazy day reading which is something that I love to do and have not done all that much of in the past couple of weeks. I can tell I've slowed down in my reading because the book is due back at the library soon and I have not quite finished it. Usually I read a book a week, but when I get on a writing/project roll, I slow down the fun reading. 

What do you do for fun on rainy days?

Thoughts?  Comments? Thank you!

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