Here Is One Easy Way To Feel Happier

Lynn Dorman, Ph.D. // May 15 // 0 Comments

We all have days where we are not as happy as we would like to be.

 Or we are very unhappy.

Sometimes we are bordering on feeling depressed or really crappy and just not in a good place. 

We want to be HAPPIER!!!

We know we have to leave that negativity, that negative space that we are living in, and do something more positive because that is better for us.. It's better for our health, it's better for the people around us, and we need to do something simple to help us leave that space. And leave it as quickly as possible.

I know from experience, personally and as a former therapist, that DOING SOMETHING is the hardest thing to do when we are trying to get out of that place when we are in it. 

There are lists of things that you are "supposed" to do "to feel better" but in talking with some friends is that the easiest thing to do - something that takes no effort or little effort, no money, and very little of our selves in it is to do something nice for somebody else.

What is the easiest and nicest thing to do? 


Just smile at the next person you see. 

And if that makes you feel happier, smile at the person after that. You don't have to talk to them you just have to smile at them.

They will probably feel happier unless they walk away thinking who's that idiot that smiled at me - and you might feel happier because you've actually moved your mouth muscles into a smile.

Try it!

It takes very little effort. It takes absolutely no money and it doesn't require you doing anything other than moving the muscles around your mouth.

There are other things you can do to feel happier, but they take a bit more effort and those will be mentioned later and in the happiness course I am creating.

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