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Lynn Dorman, Ph.D. // January 10 // 0 Comments
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As we leap from 2017 to 2018, let me ask: why make January 1st the start of YOUR new year?

There.are many cultural and religious starts to a "new" year. Here for example, is a wikipedia article where you can look by month for the differing new year starts.

And personally, I can add several new year starting times. Most of my life has been spent in some sort of educational system or academia itself. Therefore one of my mental new year starts is usually September. And this happens to be a relatively shorter year because a school year is basically September through June.

Then there is our birthdate. We celebrate the ending of a particular year of life and the beginning of the next number. For many that is basically a start of another sort of year.

And of course there is the universally accepted January 1 new year. It comes with all sorts of hoopla these days and big celebrations - and for people in business [and even in their personal lives] it is a time where you get a lot of messages: "what are your New Year's resolutions"" what are you going to do differently in your business starting January 1?""  "what are your goals" "what are your plans"  "You need a planner." The weeks before January 1 there were lots of planners for sale so that you could organize your entire year before January 1 rolled around. 


And then, not surprisingly but rather appallingly negative, came a bunch of messages beginning around January 3rd or 4th that basically said now that you've already failed at all of those resolutions  [a subtle "you loser you"] - it's time to buy my bright shiny object so that you get back on track and have a good year.

Yuck. Why do we try to talk people into making resolutions and promises to themselves when we know that most never keep any? Resolutions made for January 1 are generally doomed to failure for many reasons but mostly because they are set haphazardly and often under some peer pressure - online or in your offline life.

While I do live in a culture that has a major January 1 thing about it and I sometimes get caught up into thinking about "day 1" stuff I have come to the realization in my own head that I don't care what day of the week or year it is - or what number!  - I was not going to get caught up in this "January 1 stuff!."

I decided I needed a mental health break from what I was doing and figured that I had several books to read,  there were also some good football games on, cooking to do [I got a VitaMix as an early birthday gift]  and I originally said I was going to make January 8th the start of MY year. But January 8th came with some fun social obligations, then January 9th just felt "off - so  I decided that MY year was going to start on January 10th, a day that has no meaning at all to me - and so today I am saying happy new year to me and that's fine - but you, the reader, can pick your own date. This post is obviously published on January 10th - but if you're reading it in August or September hey it could work for you then - or even July -  or even January 1. The point is that it doesn't matter - what matters is you stay true to you and stay on the path that you want that you choose and not what everyone else says you should choose.

Choose your own start to your own new year! Go for it!!

new year

Questions? Comments? Thank you!!

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