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I Can Do It! I Can. I Can!

push through

On day 10, it cooled off, I got a good nights sleep, and I realized I really can push through a heat wave. 

And, if I can push through a heat wave while feeling pretty yucky - I am sure I will meet my 90 day challenge. And who knows? It may become such a part of me at the end of 90 days that it will no longer be a challenge it will just be my life.​

Admittedly, I have learned over the years to not push really hard the day after a heat wave but to give my body a little bit of time to get back to feeling normal; whatever "normal" is​....

About the Author Lynn Dorman, Ph.D.

Hi there. I call myself "a woman of a certain age" who is still very engaged with the world; as we all should be - at any age! I create courses and books that help people keep on learning, living, and having fun. I believe that you are in charge of your life - not me or anyone else. What I do is offer information so that you can make intelligent choices for you!

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