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Mothers Day: Time To Bring Back The Original

Modern Mother’s Day is one of our older holidays turned into: “buy something” days. It once was a day to honor women, mothers, and originated as an anti-war poem by Julia Ward Howe.How far we have come from the original sentiment. But in this current world climate and what can only be seen as war mongering, it […]

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Happy? Happier? Happiest?

I have been focusing on creating a course about being happy, being happier, or happiest. ​​​​Before this I was focused on life as an adventure – which I still think it is – and there are many paths one can take on that adventure. I focused on four of them – and one of those paths […]

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Telephones and Me!

I hate ringing telephones!When I was a kid, actually probably until well into my high school days, I loved talking on the phone to my friends. Then again telephones were relatively novel and they didn’t ring constantly. When they rang it was a person you knew who calling for someone in your household.By the time […]

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Make any day the start of YOUR new year!

As we leap from 2017 to 2018, let me ask: why make January 1st the start of YOUR new year?There.are many cultural and religious starts to a “new” year. Here for example, is a wikipedia article where you can look by month for the differing new year starts.And personally, I can add several new year […]

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Niches: Yes! You Can Have More Than ONE!!

You MUST have a niche!You must have only ONE niche!To be successful, you must describe the one IDEAL person to whom to market your niche product or idea!These are the sorts of messages I see so frequently – online and in emails. I have tried to follow these “rules” and describe me and my interests to [alleged] […]

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I Was Challenged; And I Won [we all won]

Today is the last day of a ten-day blog challenge. I was challenged. It was easy for me to do the posts once I did the challenging part of thinking about what it was that I was going to focus on for the next part of my life. I think the others in the blog […]

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