TV Ads, Food and Parenting


I've written about food in relation to families obesity and obesity.

I've written about parenting and about TV.

Here's a short post about all 3 topics.

Parents! You and the TV have an impact on what your child chooses to eat.

If you let your child know your opinion [and we hope it's to choose healthier food] your child is more likely to chose healthier food – even after seeing a TV ad for less healthy food.

BUT – if you are neutral – your child is more likely to choose the less healthy food.

Moral of the study? TV is powerful in influencing children's choices of foods – but – and this is important – parents – you have more clout than the TV if you give your  kids your own input.

So watch that TV with your kids and let them know what YOU think about the commercials.


Thoughts? Comments? Thank you.

About the author 

Lynn Dorman, Ph.D.

  • We used to talk to our children when they were little about the commercials and how not everything that is said is true. One day we took our oldest son then 5 to the cinema. When the commercials started he looked ever so worried, looked around and then stood up and shouted “Don’t listen everyone, it is not true!” It was quite funny. We realised then that we may have overdone it slightly lol.    

    •  Love that – thank you for posting! It wasn’t overdone – it was a good idea! I used to scream about those other stupid drivers on the road and my son said it helped him watch and think about what those cars are about to do and made him a safer driver. 


  • I’ve noticed this first hand in our house. Kids will listen to what parents say more than we realize. Makes me think twice about what I say 🙂

    •  Thank you for the comment – yes they listen to what we say [biggest ears in the world  :-)] but they also carefully watch what we do. Eat good food – yours kids will follow [at least til they are teens]


  • Very true.  But you also need to lead by example, as your kids are more likely to follow your lead.

    •  Thanks for the comment.  You are correct – I go by the idea that if it’s not in your house – your kids won’t be eating it 🙂

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