Thoughts On Education, ADHD, And Child Development

by Lynn Dorman, Ph.D. // January 8 // 0 Comments


I teach an online College course on Lifespan Human Development and posted this video for discussion about education and creativity.






We all have our own biases about life – I certainly have mine and one is ADD/ADHD, which I have posted about.
Another bias is about our increasingly dysfunctional educational system where we are still stuck in our teaching ideas much the same as when I was in school – and it was dysfunctional way back then.
I love this video as it says so much in its 11+ minutes – and I have watched it many times; each time learning something and“seeing” parts I missed the other times.
For example, I was not aware of the ADD epidemic being so East Coast oriented. [But then I lived in Boston when a local professional published the first research on Ritalin.] From that time to now, medication was seemingly the first, and often only, thought about “what to do with children who are active.”  As a Developmental Psychologist, I asked, and still ask, “Aren’t kids supposed to curious and active?”
I’m not saying there is no such thing as ADHD, but I am still saying we need to look at what is going on in schools and homes – especially around alleged “foods” – and seek nutritional alternatives to drugging kids and adults.
Ok – now you have my bias…do you have an opinion about all this?
I’ll use the comments for ideas about new posts and give you credit for aiding and abetting my brain….

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