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Lynn Dorman, Ph.D. // February 9 // 6 Comments

I live in a floating home, in a moorage, in a city. It’s the one place I have lived the longest since I left New York City, where I was born and raised. I fell in love with it because it met my desires to be in the country and in a city – and here I can do both at the same time. Being on the river has a very country feel to it. I often compare it to camping but with indoor plumbing. And heat. And Internet. And every store I need within quick driving distance. 

But I am also in a city and I can be in the downtown area in a short time period.


My House

My house is what I call a 2-part home. The main structure and what is known as a tenderhouse.

My Moorage

This is a summer evening looking out at what I call my backyard.

Part of My Garden

Everything I grow has to be in pots. These are my nasturtiums and some of my other plants in the back with the dog sniffing them.

My Dog

No part of my life here can be presented without a picture of Tova. She loves living here, playing tennis, and being able to walk along the levee.

But as with most places in my life,  I move on. The pandemic has shown me that I don’t want to live here anymore. Which surprised me. I want a backyard. I want a big garden. I want a different kind of lifestyle and neighborhood. And that will happen.

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