My Father’s Impacts

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I have been thinking a lot about the past - who and what impacted me and in what way. It's hard to remember all of this because I've lived a long time. That in itself is a good thing, but it means that some of the things that impacted me were so long ago that my memories are distorted.

My Father and Reading

My father died when I was in my 20s, and I never realized his major impact on me until years later. 

My father's life was typical for his time. He finished the eighth grade and he went to apprentice with his father as a photoengraver. A job he held until he died. Worked for a major New York City newspaper and I realized that he was responsible for my having my nose buried in words for my entire life. Because he worked for a newspaper, in those days all the other newspapers left copies of their papers for the employees of the other papers - and so he came home from work every night with lots of newspapers. And I read them. 

My Father and Trivia

Crossword puzzles and almanacs are the part of my life he still impacts.

And because he worked for a newspaper, he brought home books such as world almanacs, world facts, world whatevers - all compendia of facts. He and I did the NYT crossword puzzle on the kitchen table over coffee every morning as far back as I can remember. I am still addicted to the New York Times crossword puzzles, trivia, and coffee. And I thank him for these parts of me.

My Father and Home Repair Skills

My father did a lot of work around the house. He did plumbing carpentry he did some fancy jigsaw work and encouraged me to help him

I was the kid who knew how to use the table saw when I was very young. I could do some plumbing, I could do a lot of woodworking, and I got interested in a lot of other craft stuff from him. Not to forget my mother who taught me how to knit and crochet and do other stuff - but the skills I learned from my father have saved me much money.

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