It’s Organize Your Home Day! [LOL]

Lynn Dorman, Ph.D. // January 14 // 2 Comments

Apparently today and next Friday are Organize Your Home Day according to BlogEnergizer's calendar.

Heck it would take me more than the 2 days and the week in between to organize mine – if it were even possible.

I am the type of mind that can't follow a simple organizing system for more than a short time.  Just looking through my file systems, including the folders on my computer, will tell you that.   But with Spotlight on my Mac and a very good memory – I can usually find what I need.  And when I can't –  I can replace.

Luckily I am in a small house now so it's kind of hard to lose anything unless it falls in the river – but in past lives I lost hammers so often I owned 5 of them [yes I found them all after a while]

My kitchen is the nearest-to-organized spot in my house – well except for the closet with glasses, storage containers and non-perishable foods.  But that has doors that can be closed so no one knows and besides it's not really in the kitchen

So my hat's off to those of you who can love a day called Organize Your Home Day and make it work in your life.

Me? I'll just stick with buying hammers ;(

Comments?  Thanks.

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