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4th of July Traditions on the Columbia!

In my river neighborhood, there are several 4th of July traditions. One fun one is the fire boat spraying people on their decks and boats [and I missed getting pictures ] Wait til next year! Another tradition is a boat named Luscious making a round trip with a very large American flag on the mast […]

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Ah kittens!

When she is not being a moving land-mine, Sassy lies around buddha or panda style. She is still a kitten but grew fast and only now is she stretching and fitting into her large body and learning how to maneuver it. Kind of like watching children grow and learn what they can do with their […]

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Product Packaging Insanity!

Subtitled: Homage to our strange rules for packaging items and sports behaviors! I recently went to a large membership store to buy a few things – among them a new shower head and eggs.            When I got home, I decided to install the new shower head and so proceeded to […]

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Be Kind to Mother Earth [and Your Wallet Too!]

  Changing some cleansers, using fewer utilities, and smarter shopping can help reduce your footprint on the planet and it sure will save you money too! Gas prices are high, electric bills are high, heating bills are high, food costs are high…etc…etc..etc… Earth Day comes once a year but you can celebrate it 365 days […]

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It’s Goslings! It’s Spring – Really Spring!

When you live in Portland – winter can be yukky wet [at least for me] and it's not great when winter weather keeps on into Spring. BUT – when you see the first few batches of goslings – you sort of forget the yukky stuff and start counting babies. This is a neighborhood activity and […]

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Friends share

  The bed these two are in is a one cat kind of thing…and they both easily fit into it when they were "newer" [they were 2 and 3 months old when I adopted them.]       Now that they are 5 and 6 months old – they have grown and the bed has […]

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