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Kittens with forever homes!

One month ago I was still depressed about losing my two pets…but I decided that giving a forever home to some kittens this winter would help all of us be happier. And we are !! Here they are – one month after that adoption.   Comments? Thank you – and I'll read them to Sassy […]

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Wake Up – I Want to Play!

I still miss Sheba but having adopted these 2 young kittens was a good thing for me and for them…It's been many decades since I have had kittens this young – and never 2 at the same time. Now I know how my friends with twins felt with two beings often on two different schedules. […]

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It’s Organize Your Home Day! [LOL]

Apparently today and next Friday are Organize Your Home Day according to BlogEnergizer's calendar. Heck it would take me more than the 2 days and the week in between to organize mine – if it were even possible. I am the type of mind that can't follow a simple organizing system for more than a […]

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Coincidences? Not to me!

         This "baby" got married today! I often say that I don't believe in coincidences – I believe that all things are related even if they may not seem so to others. For example – my son got married today – to his long time g.f. – presided over by a judge at the marriage […]

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You Can Take This House With You

Living in a floating home has some benefits. You CAN actually take your house with you….. only if you can find a new place to moor it [and that's getting rarer by the day.] This short clip shows 2 floating homes going to new spots…. Enjoy – and please comment below – thank you

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Calm before the storm

Warm December days never last out here – and today won't be any different … more rain is on the way – record breaking December wetness this year!   Thoughts? Comments?  Thank you for posting below

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