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5 Traps That Stop Me From Using “Me” Videos On My Blog

There are many traps that keep me from making videos for my blog. 

Here are 5 of them.

Trap 1 – Video is much too complicated

This is the first trap I overcame.  Video can be complicated – but it need not be.

I used to work at a cable access station and had to learn to use all sorts of complicated equipment and programs to upload a video, digitize it and then edit it.  It took hours to do and sometimes more hours than I liked.

Now I have 2 cameras that take video and I use the small less expensive one as that video is easier to upload to my computer and all I then need to do is some quick editing on imovie.  The other is a film camera and that makes for many extra uploading steps – so I use that one more sparingly now.

But still – I don’t do any “me” videos – why?

Trap 2 – Editing takes so long 

Yes it does – or can.  But once I got past the original learning curve on transitions and other things it actually became fun playing with editing.  And I have edited a few short videos on outdoor topics. 

[And imovie makes editing so much faster than the FinalCut program I also own.]

To read the remaining 3 traps – see blog video traps – my article on ezinearticles and then come back here and let's chat about it….

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