Puppies And Young Children

by Lynn Dorman, Ph.D. // February 6 // 2 Comments

a new puppyA new puppy is a lot like a young child.  


They both:

  • grow fast
  • get out of sorts.
  • develop  “growing pains”

It took me a few days of total chaos around here to figure out that the puppy was growing so fast her body became unfamiliar to her.   She ran around yipping, biting, and basically being obnoxious!   She didn't know  

  • if she was hungry
  • if she was tired
  • if she wanted to play
  • if she wanted to sleep

  So after missing the obvious for a bit I figured it out….

Puppies are a lot like young children!!

I remembered that when my son was young he often acted in similar ways.

He would want to eat but then not eat.

He would act like he was tired and wanted to take a nap but then jumped up quickly to go play with something…

So what I did with puppy was what I used do with my son: Massages!


It works! She relaxes and then sleeps.









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