It Could Be Childhood Obesity! It’s Not Always Baby Fat!

by Lynn Dorman, Ph.D. // July 7 // 2 Comments

It's Not Always Baby Fat!

I  finished and published an e-book on childhood obesity!

The title of the book is: It's Not Always Baby Fat!

Now  that one-year-old I wrote about, and I,  can go forth and get on with our other development :)


I am not a nutritionist. I am a Developmental Psychologist who, for all my professional life, has advocated for good nutrition – because I want all humans to develop as optimally as they can. And they do that best when they have good fuel [nutritious food] for their development!

This is especially true for the youngest among us who are at the start of a long process of developing – and who will ultimately become the adults of our culture.

In this book I give you information about obesity in general and about childhood obesity in particular – and let you know what this is doing to our children and to us as adults.

I write about food – what we eat, how much we eat, what’s in it and how to read labels so that you become a more intelligent consumer.

I add information about the importance of good nutrition for our development – especially cognitive development.

I offer suggestions to help you with your kids and family regarding weight and nutrition – all while doing things that may also encourage your child's cognitive development!

The book is available for Kindle and they have apps that you can download for free to read e-books on your computer or other device!

You don't need to own the Kindle!

I don't own one either device and still I write books for it

Get the book for Kindle

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