Do Antibiotics Lead to Childhood Obesity?

by Lynn Dorman, Ph.D. // October 7 // 0 Comments

Is childhood obesity related to antibiotic use in infancy?

Yes – It might be one of the factors!

No one likes a sick infant…

BUT – I have heard parents [and adults] say they are going to request antibiotics for what are common colds and viruses.

Antibiotics work only on bacterial infections!

And I once heard a pediatrician say that – yes – he gave parents of young children prescriptions for antibiotics because they insisted and it was easier to give that out than to keep explaining it would not work.

Our overuse of antibiotics in people and in the animals we eat has been causing problems with development…

And because that overuse has led to bigger and better bacteria, we keep designing bigger and better antibiotics and, and, and –  the cycle continues.

Now this!

Researchers from New York University studied more than 10,000 children and found that those given antibiotics before six months of age on average weighed more for their height than children who weren't given antibiotics.

Please! Parents and pediatricians [and meat growers] we do not need so much of this in our bodies!

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