Childhood obesity – it’s bad and getting worse


fat baby

OK – my balloon baby above may be an exaggeration but the problem is not!

We are entering a new generation of obesity and now it's not just adults who are obese – it's everybody – including the children and adolescents.

We are reaching that stage in obesity where this or the next generation of children will NOT have a longer life span than the parents…previously unheard of!

Not only is obesity bad in and of itself, it makes all other medical problems worse….

I've been writing about healthy children and adults for a while now and hope the readers of my outputs are among those who will pay attention to the news and act on it…It is something parents have control over during the child's early years…and good nutrition early on can never be a bad choice… good nutrition in the younger years leads to healthier choices in the teen years….

Yes we know that teens will make bad food choices when out of our sight – but if they have a foundation of good nutrients and good role models – they will come back to eating healthy foods….

There are supplements that will give your child some real-food nutrients.

And there are products for adults too at:  beING healthy

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Lynn Dorman, Ph.D.

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