An April Fool From My Past

by Lynn Dorman, Ph.D. // April 1 // 0 Comments
shoveling snow

In Vermont you get a lot of snow - a whole lot of snow!

Schools rarely close unless it's really bad - or really unexpected - or both!

For years, my son and I played April Fool tricks on each other - usually along the line of trying to get the other to look at some imaginary object or some event that was not actually happening.

On April 1 of his year in Vermont, there was a 2 foot snow storm and school was canceled. I knew he would not be happy if he got up and took a shower only to find out he could have slept in - so I woke him around 5:30 AM to tell him there was no school due to a snow storm.

His reply was along the lines of "ha ha I know it's April Fool and I am not falling for that." I suggested he look out the window but as that had been our usual "fool" he refused. He got up and was heading for a shower and I tried most seriously to again tell him there was no school.

I forget how I managed to convince him to look out a window - but he did. And what he said is not for public consumption.

It was such a funny experience I recall it every April 1 !!

Happy April Fool

P.S. This is an edited repost form years ago.
Neither of us lives in New England anymore

What's your favorite April Fool memory?
Let us know below in the comments...thanks


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