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My alarm clock: aka Doug’s duck

Every neighborhood needs a town crier or a roving alarm clock – doesn't it?  If you miss having one in your area, come visit ours   My neighbor, Doug, fed this duck once and the duck has returned every day  and quacks at Doug's house for more food. And as Doug lives right next to […]

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5 Traps That Stop Me From Using “Me” Videos On My Blog

There are many traps that keep me from making videos for my blog.  Here are 5 of them. Trap 1 – Video is much too complicated This is the first trap I overcame.  Video can be complicated – but it need not be. I used to work at a cable access station and had to […]

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Dog meets gaggle [of geese]

Great day today so I took woof [Sam] to the school yard for a run. Glad i had the camera with me.  

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Social Media Gurus

Saw this on couch surfing ori's site and then a few other places – It is so funny – especially if you are on Twitter and see profiles that announce "I am a social media expert" or "social media guru."     Your take on these "experts?"  Please comment..Thank you….

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Windy River

On a very cold windy December 26th, I went out to catch the colors and movement of the Columbia River flowing through what I call my backyard. You can hear the wind, wind chimes and the clanging of moving parts of many sailboats near and far. Enjoy!    

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A most rare December day

What is so rare as a day in June? A dry sunny day for December 1 in Portland Oregon!! Rare too that I could be out in the open with my camera! So rare that I had to memorialize it with a panoramic sweep from my upper deck!  49 degrees F but it felt GOOD! […]

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