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I’m almost speechless

I am so angry I can’t even rant. On Friday Rep. James Sensenbrenner, R-Wis., adjourned a Judiciary Committee hearing ostensibly because he was unhappy with what he was hearing- ah democracy? HAH – not with those people wielding power…and remember power corrupts! And wow has ever corrupted this administration…

After the alleged election last Fall a D.C. friend and I said the best way to get through the next 4 years was to sit back and laugh as these persons do their thing and those who voted for them saw they were being screwed….then we could say “Don’t blame me – voted for Kerry.”

Unfortunately it is so bad I can’t find much humor in this-and now John Conyers is told he has to have his WMD hearing tomorrow in the House basement – for god’s sake the basement? And it’s on CSPAN3 which not everyone gets. I hope someone films the entire meeting – halls, basement and all and it shows all over the Internet…. How low can we go? Apparently it has to be a lot lower before the people wake up and see what has happened to our country.

More deaths in Iraq, more lies by the WH, more corrupt use of power and less accountability. And silly me, I thought Nixon was a baddy – George wins that hands down – or rather hands in the pockets of the oil corporations…….

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