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lasso your power

Women! We Need To Take Power! 

The world needs a more feminine direction....
because there IS a war on women!

I have not written in this blog for a long time - at least back to the beginning of the never ending presidential campaign of 2016. I was burned out.

But my burn out itself burned out and I needed to start blogging again, and writing, and doing other tasks to help women take power! 

A question posed to me in a marketing challenge was: "What is your background with the war on women?"

And my reply is that I am a 78 year-old-female who has been a political activist, who has seen the status of women's rights go from bad to better and then to getting worse every day! [Clearly if you are of a persuasion that believes woman ought to be dominated by no further!]

I wrote a ebook, designed mugs, tee shirts and more, and am making a comic book - hoping to help women take power!!

If you think that women have rights,
and need to take power - then we have work to do!

Below is a link to the book I wrote.

And here us a link to the "gear" I created....

About the Author Lynn Dorman, Ph.D.

Me? I have a Ph.D. in Psychology and a law degree [J.D.] but I am happier writing, creating courses, playing with images and words on tees and mugs, etc.

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