What a month was May….

15 years ago

Why oh why is not the major media putting the Downing Street memo on the front pages in LARGE fonts? Why are we not hearing about it on those alleged “news” shows????? Is it because the WH and the corporations who run this country don’t want anyone to know about it?

We just found out who Deep Throat was and very very few articles point out the analogies between Nixon’s lying and King George’s lying.. about the break in at the Watergate and the corruption in the Ohio election or the hacking of the black box voting machines… about 1000’s dying in Vietnam and 1000’s dying in Iraq?

John Conyers panel on the media problem was very important yet you did not see it or hear about it unless you listen to progressive radio or can watch CSPAN…we no longer have “news” we just have infotainment – that’s why you won’t get the Downing Street Memo or the follow up memo that shows we did “extra” bombing of Iraq before our invasion in an attempt to get Saddam to fire at us and thus provoke a war… And because we have a one party system there will not be any investigations even though many in Congress have asked the pResident to answer questions about the memos.

and speaking of the pResident – his 60 days tour of the country to convince someone there is a crisis in Social Security has now been running over 70 days – since he can’t count – be glad no one is believing him – and remember he talks only to his “base.” And yet another indication he is not in charge – no one told him the capital was evacuated when airplane flew too close- guess they figured why bother- he’s not in charge so let him ride his bicycle. He’s useless anyway – he’d just either fall off his bike or stand there with the stupid look like he had on September 11th…