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I Procrastinate; And I Do It So Well

You might ask why is there a baseball graphic right at the top of a post
about how great a procrastinator I am.

Well, the answer is simple for me. And it might help you. My biggest procrastination and it is detrimental to what I wish to be doing that darn perfection thought. In my head when I start a project, I think ahead about marketing that product because one has to do that. And then I say to myself:  maybe it's not good enough to put out there yet, or maybe people won't like it, or maybe it needs to be worked on a bit more, or maybe it needs to be just more perfect before I do any marketing.

Then, because I am a baseball fan, a big baseball fan and have been all my life. My head goes to a saying I heard many years ago probably from someone in sports, that's the very good hitters in baseball have averages of about 300 give or take a little bit. In fact, the last player to have a 400 average was Ted Williams in 1941!! That said, it means that a player with a 300 batting average only hits the ball three out of 10 times. Looking at it the other way it means they miss the ball seven out of 10 times. And Ted Williams he missed it six out of 10 times

Perfection does not really exist in sports. And I have to tell myself that very frequently. If the best paid players in any sport make mistakes, why on earth should I expect myself to be perfect before I go ahead and do something. I also because of my training know that the best way to beat procrastination is to just do something. It's the same way to relieve stress just do something but I also know because of my training that it is hard for people to just do the doing. That's what I try to help people with because I am better at helping people do the doing that I am at doing my own doing. 

Yes, I am sitting here laughing as I write that. But it's serious as well as funny. I have to learn how to do my own doing and get out of my own way. So, for the rest of the year, I am going to do more posts to blogs, finish writing my books, and finish developing my courses! I am going to publish these to my school and to Kendall and I am not going to worry about there being perfect. After all, I am the one who very often says that's why God invented 2nd editions.

My goal is  to have a batting average of at least 350!

Comments? Thoughts? Thank you!!

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