How To Get Better Grades With Less Stress

an online course by a former Psychology professor

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Why Take This Course?

Learn to deal with test anxiety

Anxiety of any kind, when it reaches high levels can be harmful. But when you learn to manage your anxiety, you find there is a motivational level. This section is NOT a complete "how to manage your anxiety," but rather a brief introduction to help you with your test anxiety. A fuller course on managing and using your anxiety or stress is on tap!

Learn secrets of better test grades

Professors, bosses, managers - and any other persons who grade or evaluate you are only human and subject to the thoughts, emotions, and other factors we humans have.  This section shows what happens to that professor when reading your assignments and helps you to do better by helping that pers.on feel better.

Learn valuable test taking tips

Believe it or not, there are ways that most tests are created and this section helps you to understand that and use it to your advantage

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