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Library Love

I love libraries! 


I’ve loved libraries all my life.

I got my 1st library card at whatever age that was allowed back then and went to the library often. My mom drove me but as soon as I was allowed, I walked or biked there.

As I got older, I spent endless hours in the library at 42nd Street [I loved the lions] and of course, my college library.

In graduate school and afterwards, I loved the university library.

When I moved to D.C. I was in heaven – I had the Library of Congress!

In the past I also bought a lot of books – but when I made this last move, which was cross-country – many of those found new homes because I knew I’d have very limited space.

But I picked a location that turned out to have a great library system: Multnomah County!

I can continue to feed my book addiction with all kinds of reading matter…


And even though I live online now, and publish ebooks, I still love to hold a book in may hands as I read!


And I continue to vote for levies to support libraries because everyone should have access to a free public library and all those books!

I love libraries!



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