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Niches: Yes! You Can Have More Than ONE!!

You MUST have a niche!You must have only ONE niche!To be successful, you must describe the one IDEAL person to whom to market your niche product or idea!These are the sorts of messages I see so frequently – online and in emails. I have tried to follow these “rules” and describe me and my interests to [alleged] […]

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Ahhh Dreams!

Have a dream? Of course you do!We all have dreams. Children dream, adults dream, our pets dream, etc. We dream – daydream or night dream. We have visions. Our brains are active all the time.And we ask ourselves why we dream what we do – and what do our dreams mean.Our dreams are the brain […]

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I Was Challenged; And I Won [we all won]

Today is the last day of a ten-day blog challenge. I was challenged. It was easy for me to do the posts once I did the challenging part of thinking about what it was that I was going to focus on for the next part of my life. I think the others in the blog […]

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Have Laptop; Can Travel [and Earn Income]

I have a laptop. I got the laptop so that I can take it anywhere with me and work from anywhere. That is a lifestyle that is kind of fun. As long as I can get an Internet connection, I can do what I do which is right create courses and sell things. All I […]

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Rainy Day Fun

I don’t really mind the rain. Well, to be honest, I don’t mind a rainy day once in a while – or a day that has rain with lots of sun breaks. What I don’t like or days where it rains all day every day – days on end. Although – given that I moved […]

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I Procrastinate; And I Do It So Well

You might ask why is there a baseball graphic right at the top of a post about how great a procrastinator I am.Well, the answer is simple for me. And it might help you. My biggest procrastination and it is detrimental to what I wish to be doing that darn perfection thought. In my head when […]

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